GoodDollar: A Distributed Basic Income

GoodDollar protocol enables a sustainable universal basic income model built atop decentralized finance infrastructure.

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Authors: Yoni Assia, Tomer Bariach, Tal Oron, Anna Stone Contributors: Hadar Rottenberg, Ziv Keinan, Dr. Nir Yaacobi

The information shared in this whitepaper is not all-encompassing or comprehensive and is strictly for informational purposes only. The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to provide the reader with information about the GoodDollar vision and proposed scheme for global UBI powered by cryptocurrency. Certain statements, estimates and financial information featured in this whitepaper are forward-looking statements that are based on and take into consideration certain known and unknown contingencies and risks which in eventuality may cause the estimated results or may differ factually and substantially from the featured estimates or results extrapolated or expressed in such forward-looking statements herewith.

Note that GoodDollar is not performing an Initial coin offering (ICO); GoodDollar operational budget is sponsored entirely through direct donations and G$ tokens are distributed for free.

For more information read our legal disclaimer at the end of this document

Note that GoodDollar Limited (referred to as “GoodDollar”, “we”, “our”, etc throughout) is a not-for-profit organization that functions thanks to direct sponsorship. The company’s objective is to issue, operate and promote the use of the GoodDollar protocol in a manner that best serves the interest of the economy stakeholders according to the principles described in this paper, which dictates that all proceeds from the sale of G$ coin shall be used solely to redeem G$ for G$ holders, for the purpose of global basic income distribution, and in accordance with its formulas. GoodDollar’s operations and staff are in no way tied to the performance of the G$ coin.

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